Signs That You Have a Sewage Backup

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Few things can be more disruptive to your household tranquility than a backed-up sewer line. When the drains in your home don’t work, the daily activities of your household, such as showering, washing clothes, and cleaning dishes, absolutely grind to a halt. What’s even more unpleasant is having your bathroom held hostage by a nonfunctioning drain, as even your toilet will be rendered little more than a porcelain seat which provides no relief.

Regardless of the cause of your sewer clog, a plumber can quickly get your system up and running. It’s always a good idea to call a plumbing service in Gainesville, GA, instead of going it alone when you encounter sewer issues. Professionals can quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and restore your Read here to learn a few common signs that you’ve experienced a sewage backup that requires the assistance of a plumbing professional.

More Than One Drain Doesn’t Work

One sure sign of a sewage line backup is if you experience blockages when using more than one drain in the home. For example, if your toilet is the only drain that isn’t functioning, the problem likely resides within the toilet or the drainpipe leading to the toilet. However, if none of the drains in your bathroom work, that’s a good indication that there’s a clog further downstream in your sewage line.

Sewage Backs Up into Other Drains

Another common sign of a sewer blockage is when water flushed down one drain bubbles up into another drain. For example, if you flush your toilet and the water goes down only to reappear in your bathtub, you know you have a blockage severe enough to prevent water from draining through. Water only runs downhill, and when it can’t move forward or spread out, it goes back the way it came and seeks any open drain.

Bubble Ups

Bubbles in your drains are another sign that you may have at least a partial sewage blockage somewhere in your system. If you notice bubbles, it doesn’t automatically indicate a clog. To test for a clog, simply fill several drains with water, such as your bathroom sink and bathtub. Then, allow the drains to all open at once. If there’s a clog, air will be trapped in the line, and the only place it can escape is back up the drain, which causes bubbling.

plumbing service Gainesville ga

Slow Flushing Toilets

A slow flushing toilet doesn’t always mean that you have a sewage clog, but it can indicate there is a problem downstream. Slow flushing toilets can also stem from incorrect water volume in the tank or clogged water jets. But if your toilet isn’t flushing properly and you’ve experienced any of the other signs above, there’s a good chance that there’s a clog.

If you’ve experienced any of these common signs of a clogged drain, contact a professional plumbing service to provide you with a remedy and restore function to your sewer system. If you believe you may have a sewer drain clog, contact Gainesville Mechanical, serving North Georgia, at (770) 532-9130.

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