Signs That Your AC Is Leaking Water

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Water plays a significant role in the way air conditioners work. This is why it is not uncommon to notice a water leak near your AC, either inside or outside. But before you call a professional about the puddle, it’s important to know that not all water collection is abnormal. Read on to learn about the signs of an air conditioner water leak, when you should worry, and some of the most common causes of a leak.

Signs of an AC Water Leak

The main sign of an AC water leak is also the most obvious one: water pooling near the unit. If your unit is leaking, you may notice water collecting near the interior or exterior part of the air conditioning unit. Seeing water, however, is not necessarily a reason to worry. Often, the services of a professional AC repair company are required to determine if the puddle is normal or if it is an indication of a more severe problem.

Is It Normal for an Air Conditioner to Leak?

A little bit of water leaking from an air conditioner is absolutely normal. There are two main factors that may cause water to leak from your AC: your thermostat setting and the outdoor temperature. In the hot and humid climate of Georgia, it’s completely normal to notice condensation collecting by the condenser unit. This just means that your air conditioning unit is working hard to keep your home cool, especially if your thermostat is set lower than normal or if the temperature is higher than average.

When Is a Water Leak Cause for Concern?

In general, your AC should only leak condensation while it’s running. When water pools under the compressor, it usually dries up after a hot day. If your air conditioner unit leaks more than this, you may have a reason to be worried. Reach out to an air conditioning service in Gainesville, GA, if you are unable to determine how much water is leaking or if your unit has been leaking for a full day or more.

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Causes of AC Water Leaks

Many different things could lead to your air conditioner springing a leak. No matter if the leak is inside or outside your home, here are a few potential causes.

  • Incorrect installation: Is your AC unit new? If it’s new and leaking, it may have been installed incorrectly or improperly sized for your home.
  • Dirty air filter: When your air filter is clogged or blocked, it can cause the evaporator coils to freeze. As a result, the extra water can overflow from the drainage pan and cause the leak.
  • Blocked drain pipe: Ordinarily, the water in an AC is funneled through a series of drain pipes before it goes down the drain. If any of the pipes are blocked, the water cannot go where it is supposed to and will instead leak out.
  • Broken condensate pan: If the pan that is meant to hold the water breaks down, the water can leak out. Corrosion or age may be the cause of the faulty pan.
  • Low refrigerant level: When the level of refrigerant is too low, the unit can lose pressure. This causes the coils to freeze, which can, in turn, cause the drain pan to overflow when the coils unfreeze.
  • Cool outdoor temperature: If the AC is running when the temperature outside is below 60 degrees, it can cause the coils to freeze and lead to a leak.

When it comes to leaking air conditioners, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Contact us at Gainesville Mechanical to schedule an inspection of your AC today. (770) 532-9130

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