Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repair


Winter has been raging for several months now, and there are no signs of it ending anytime soon. You need to ensure your furnace is still up to the task of keeping you warm through gloomy winter days and frigid nights. 

If your furnace is having any complications or not running at full capacity, you can suffer the consequences. Let your furnace go without heating repairs for too long, and you can drive up your heating costs dramatically, experience temporary breakdowns, or even lose the entire system. 

Stay ahead of the top signs that your furnace needs repairs. Here are the signs that the experts at Gainesville Mechanical, a heating repair company in North Georgia, wants you to know.

It’s Been a Year or More Since Its Last Service

If you can’t remember the last time your furnace was inspected, or if it’s been more than a year since its last tune-up, then it’s time for another one. Hire a trained heating repair contractor to inspect your furnace with an annual maintenance tune-up. A good heating repair company will visit your home, take a look at the furnace, ask you about how it’s operating, test the thermostat, and check for problems like rust that can spell trouble in the future. A well-maintained furnace will last far longer than one that goes without checkups, so stay ahead of your furnace’s annual inspection needs.


Water Collects Around It

A furnace can actually leak water. While you’d ordinarily expect an air conditioner to have this type of issue, a furnace may leak if its condensate line is clogged. Check your furnace for water pooling around or under it. Then, contact a heating repair company for a professional inspection and repairs. A mix of furnace and plumbing expertise is required to fix this problem. In the meantime, don’t touch the furnace. You may be electrocuted if you do so.

It Leaks Gas

A sulfurous odor coming from your vents or the furnace itself spells trouble. If you smell gas, shut down the furnace right away. If gas has leaked through your vents, go outside immediately. You may need to have your gas company come to stop the leak, and then a furnace repair expert will need to check the gas supply valve. 

Your Furnace Is Unreliable

If your furnace blows a weak air stream, takes a long time to create heat, or even blows cold air, it needs to be repaired. Problems with belts and motors in the furnace, the ductwork, or the thermocouple can be responsible here. These components are complex and hard to access. Leave this repair work to a professional. They can even assess if your thermostat is actually the source of the problem. 

If you want to maintain your furnace for several more years, and want warm air when you need it, contact Gainesville Mechanical, a professional for home heating repair in Gainesville, GA, at the first sign of any problems. Gainesville Mechanical offers reliable home heating repair at great prices. Visit them online at or call 770-532-9130 today.

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