Signs Your Old Air Conditioner Needs Replaced

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Indoor air quality in Gainesville, GA, homes is affected by many things, including your home’s air-conditioning unit. If your air conditioner is on its last leg, it could be affecting the air you’re breathing in your home. Many people don’t realize their AC unit isn’t working like it should. In fact, many people don’t come to this conclusion until the unit stops working all together. It’s always a good idea to figure this out before you’re stranded without air-conditioning on the hottest day of the year and an empty bank account.


Here are some signs your air conditioner needs to be replaced:

  • It won’t turn on. This is the most obvious sign that you might need to replace your unit.
  • It doesn’t cool the air effectively. You might notice that some rooms are cooler than others or you’ll find that the air blowing from the vents is lukewarm.
  • The air conditioner is making strange sounds.
  • There’s a buildup of moisture around the interior unit or it’s leaking.
  • It smells bad. Air conditioners that work well shouldn’t smell when in operation.
  • Your energy bills are creeping higher and higher.
  • Family members are complaining about respiratory issues that are worse than usual.

Why Failing Air Conditioners Are Bad for Indoor Air Quality

When your home’s air conditioner doesn’t work, it’s affecting you in more ways than one. Yes, the most obvious way is that your home isn’t being cooled consistently. However, it also may be causing air quality problems because it’s not filtering out contaminants and other air pollutants like it used to. The best way to figure out if you have air quality issues is to call for indoor air quality testing in North Georgia. This is a good idea to do whether you suspect you have air quality issues or not. Everyone should have access to the cleanest air possible in their homes.


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Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Gainesville, GA

If you’ve determined that your air conditioner needs to be replaced, take a moment to look at all your replacement options. Too often, homeowners end up replacing an old, underperforming unit with the exact same brand and model that they already have. Today, there are so many choices to cool your home and many of these options include air quality control. When you’re ready to replace your air conditioner, contact an HVAC service and ask them about the benefits of an indoor air quality system in Gainesville, GA. This system not only cools your home, but it cleans and purifies the air at the same time.

Whether you need a new air conditioner or have questions about indoor air quality service in Gainesville, GA, contact the pros at Gainesville Mechanical of North Georgia. They can inspect your unit if it isn’t working properly, determine if your AC needs replacement, and recommend the right products to meet your needs.

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