Springtime Is the Best Time to Update Indoor Air Quality Control

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You’ve heard the advice from your local AC repair company about why springtime is the best time for getting your air conditioner checked. But do you know why? There are a few reasons why spring is the best time for this type of service. Some of the reasons won’t surprise you, but some just might! Read on to discover why it’s time to schedule that maintenance check.

The Usual Suspects

When it comes to AC repair in Gainesville, GA, the obvious points always bear repeating because they matter so much for the efficiency of your system. During the fall and winter months, you didn’t use your air conditioner much. Sure, there might have been a few warm days that snuck in here and there and forced you to turn on your AC, but for the most part, the air conditioner has probably been mostly dormant for several months. The last thing you want to happen is to realize your AC isn’t working right when that first heat wave of the season hits. That’s why it’s wise to check that everything is still in working order after all this time.

Another reason that spring is the perfect time for air conditioning service is that you won’t have to wait long for service. If something is wrong, there’s time to schedule service and you won’t get stuck paying expensive emergency service fees. 

Indoor Air Quality

During the spring, allergies assault thousands upon thousands of people, causing mild symptoms like sneezing and severe symptoms that make it hard to function well throughout the day. Many people assume that there’s nothing they can do about their allergies but take a pill or get a shot and hope for the best. But what if the pollen outside isn’t the only culprit? What if it’s actually something in the air inside your home?

Often, people don’t realize they have indoor air quality issues until they call for AC repair services to address an unrelated problem. It’s during these service calls that their technician lets them in on this horrible secret – the pollutants in your home’s air could be causing you to sneeze, wheeze, and feel just plain awful. Figuring out if you have poor indoor air quality because of a clogged or broken HVAC system allows you to take action and make plans to start fixing this problem.  


Lower AC Repair Costs

When you take action in the spring to fix minor problems, you prevent costlier problems from popping up when your air conditioner is under the pressure to perform during the summer months. To learn more about indoor air quality testing and to schedule spring maintenance, contact Gainesville Mechanical of North Georgia for AC repair right away! Call 770-532-9130.

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