Trouble with Pests in Your Hall County HVAC System

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Colder weather is right around the corner, which means critters will be hunting for a warm, dry place like your HVAC system to hide from colder temperatures and wind. Your home’s HVAC system is a prime location for pests, rodents and other creatures. Act now to prevent damage to your heating and cooling system.

Call Gainesville Mechanical to schedule an HVAC inspection with our NATE-certified technicians. We identify areas vulnerable during the winter months to pests. Our experienced technicians notify you of any debris, feces or nests in your current HVAC system and resolve the issue.

Why Are Pests Drawn to Your HVAC System?

Your heating and cooling system is comprised of various small places, long runs of ductwork, and trapped heat appealing to critters during the fall and winter.

These small creatures get into your HVAC system through small holes and gaps. They damage your wiring,  electrical and HVAC components, and negatively impact your indoor air quality.

Schedule Your HVAC System Inspection Now

First, don’t wait until temperatures are below freezing and fresh snow is on the ground to schedule an inspection for your heating and cooling system.

Early prevention is the key to stopping snakes, spiders and mice from getting into your home. Our HVAC technicians detect any signs of an infestation so you can rest easy during the holiday season.

The debris left behind by insects, rodents and pests may include feces and dead bodies, which leave a dreadful smell. Powerful odors and airborne contaminants from rodents negatively impact your indoor air quality and leave your family at risk for illness.

An HVAC inspection eliminates foul odors when you turn your heating system on in the winter and keep your loved ones healthy all winter long.

The HVAC System Inspection Process

Your heating and cooling system benefits from an HVAC inspection in other ways. Our NATE-certified technicians inspect your HVAC system, including the ductwork, electrical components and the exterior unit. We correct minor HVAC system problems before they snowball into expensive repairs.

Problems diagnosed early keep your heating and cooling system from untimely malfunctions and your loved ones comfortable indoors. Schedule your HVAC inspection with our experienced heating and cooling specialists. Our team is trained to service any brand.

HVAC System Checklist

  • Check your furnace filter
  • Check your thermostat communication
  • Inspect the quality of installation
  • Test the airflow throughout your home
  • Inspect the blower components
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Evaluate temperature fluctuations
  • Test safety controls
  • Examine the condensate drains and drip pans
  • Examine the heat exchanger, burner assemblies and ignition
  • Test gas pressure and piping (on furnaces)
  • Test combustion air (on furnaces)
  • Examine the venting and clearances
  • Inspect the starting capabilities

Pests Commonly Found in an HVAC System

There are a variety of rodents, pests and insects frequently found inside an HVAC system. These critters inhabit your heating and cooling system and damage your equipment:


These small insects squeeze into your ductwork and spread disease throughout your home.

Mice and Rats

Look for signs of nests inside your ductwork and exterior unit. Mice and rats chew through wiring and other components, leaving you vulnerable to malfunctions and breakdowns.


These reptiles crawl inside your HVAC system and nest inside your ductwork. They seek warm places because they can’t regulate their own body temperature. Therefore, they often wrap themselves around the condenser unit. This damages the fan blades when the unit starts.


Commonly found in ductwork, vents and outdoor units, spiders crawl throughout your HVAC system. They don’t directly harm your heating and cooling system; however, they do carry certain toxins which pose a threat to and your family if bitten.

Trust Gainesville Mechanical to Winterize Your HVAC System

Take preventative measures now with an inspection of your HVAC system. Contact Gainesville Mechanical and let our NATE-certified technicians handle your pest worries. We will ensure your home and HVAC system is free of pests, rodents and critters this winter. So, if you live in Hall county or the surrounding areas, call us today!

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