Tankless Water Heaters: What You Need to Know

Our technologically advanced world has produced some of the most unique mechanizations. From the wireless internet, while flying across the globe, to cars that drive themselves, it seems like we’ve done it all. However, there is room still for innovation.

Out with the old...
Out with the old…

One opportunity for innovation we have is in the area of how our homes receive hot water. In short, water heaters provide us with hot water in bulk. This presents two probable scenarios:

  1. More water is heated up than you need or…
  2. Less water is heated up than you need

When too much water is heated up, we find ourselves wasting money on our electric or gas bill, because we are heating water we’re not using. In the second scenario, we find ourselves taking an unexpected (and unpleasant) cold shower or that our dishwasher can’t clean correctly due to a lack of water.

Enter the Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters, or on-demand water heaters, were created to fill this gap. With this new technology is the opportunity for your home to receive only as much hot water as you need in a substantially more economical way. Here are some of the main reasons people use these on-demand water heaters.

Can You Say: “Going Green?”

Savings and energy efficiency. Whether you currently use gas or electric methods to heat your water, on-demand water heaters benefit you with its 99% energy efficiency, according to the United States Department of Energy. How much you save will depend on how much hot water you consume. The US Department of Energy estimates a savings of 27% – 50% on your gas bill depending on your consumption.

There’s also a chance of earning a rebate when making the switch. You’ll want to talk to your gas company about rebate offers when you are making this decision. At the time of this posting, Atlanta Gas and Light, for example, is offering $500 rebates for those who convert to tankless gas systems.

Never Ending Warmth

Comfort and convenience. Tankless water heaters heat the water up as it passes through a portion of the pipe instead of accumulating in a reservoir. Because of this unique “tankless” method, the unit can push hot water through for as long as you need it to do so!

Tight Space? No Problem!

In with the new!

Tankless water heaters are small and mount to walls. Traditional bulky water heaters can take up a lot of space. If you’re looking to heat the water in a small cabin, for example, it may be a bit tight to place a gigantic water heater in there. As you can see in the picture of the Navien tankless water heater, the space required is significantly less. The measurement of this model is a mere 17.3”x24.4”X13.2”!

…and More!

Tankless water heaters are known to last much longer than traditional water heaters. The US Department of Energy estimates that tankless water heaters have a lifetime of about 20 years. Because of the higher lifespan, most manufacturers are able to offer very attractive warranties on their equipment as well.

What You Should Know

Tankless water heaters are not for every home and every occasion. We want to sell you something that increases your comfort and extends your savings. Therefore, before purchasing a tankless water heater consumers must take into account the following questions:

  • Is my home capable of providing an adequate amount of gas to the unit?
  • How many gallons of water am I currently consuming?
  • Are my expectations of the tankless water heater reasonable?

Chances are you may not know the answers to all of these questions because it may require a bit of knowledge about your home’s plumbing that you may not currently possess. Thus, in an effort to help those customers seriously considering purchasing a new tankless water heater, we are proud to offer installation estimates at no charge to you!

With our current specials and free estimates, it’s a great time to call us if tankless water heaters interest you!

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