The Basics of Furnace Filter Replacement


Do you want to extend the life expectancy of your home furnace, prevent high electric or gas bills, and ensure your furnace creates warm air when you need it? Changing your furnace filters on a regular basis is the best way to ensure general good operation and a long-lasting machine. 

However, most people who own a furnace aren’t so fond of changing the filters. Admit it: Do you really change your filters on a regular basis? 

Read on to learn important information about replacing furnace filters yourself, and when to hire the pros at Gainesville Mechanical, a heating installation service, for a little extra help.

Intro to Filters 

Filters do exactly what you’d think they do: They filter the air, trapping dust particles, allergens, pet dander, and other pollutants that would otherwise circle around and around in your indoor air supply. These pollutants can make you sick. Unfortunately, all those pollutants can clog up the furnace too. But just having a filter in place isn’t enough to keep you and your furnace happy. When filters fill up to their maximum capacity with pollutants, they’ll stop filtering the air. If they get bad enough, they’ll actually collect dust bunnies and release them bit by bit straight into the furnace itself. Changing your furnace filters regularly prevents this from happening. 

Check Your Manual

Where is that darned manual? Hopefully you know where you stashed it. This manual contains important information about general maintenance specific to your furnace’s brand and exact model. This includes advice on how often you should inspect or replace its filters.

If you lost it, the home heating installation experts at Gainesville Mechanical in North Georgia can do a little research and offer their professional recommendation. 


General Recommendations

For the most part, filters tend to work the same way in different furnaces. Basic, fiberglass, or paper filters should be changed every 1-2 months. An electrostatic, or HEPA filter, can be changed every 2-4 months. While these two latter filter types tend to be more expensive, they last longer and are more reliable.

Change your furnace filters more often if your home has several occupants, you have pets, you or anyone else in your home smokes, or you or anyone else has allergies. A good basic piece of advice is to check your filters every month. Set a reminder on your calendar if that will help you remember to do so.

How dirty do your filters appear every month? If they seem caked in dirt or have changed color, go ahead and replace them. The process of changing a filter differs based on your furnace model, but it’s usually fairly easy. However, you can contact heating system installation experts for a demonstration. 

For more advice on caring for your furnace, contact a heating system service near you, like Gainesville Mechanical. As experts in heating maintenance and heating installation in Gainesville, GA, they’re your best bet for high-quality, low-cost services. Call today (770) 532-9130.

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