The Effects of Bad Indoor Air Quality

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When you think about pollution, you think about the thick smog that hangs over big cities like Los Angeles and Chicago. You think about cities in other countries where citizens wear face masks so that they don’t breathe the dangerous particles in the air. But do you think about the air inside your own home? If you live in a home built after 1970, your home was built using construction methods designed to conserve energy. Your home doesn’t have as much ventilation as an older home, which means indoor air pollutants get trapped inside. Energy conservation is a good thing — air pollution inside your home is not. Check out the effects of poor indoor air quality.

Air Quality and Your Lungs

The average person spends 90% of their day indoors. We spend time in homes, schools, and offices that are so well-sealed we breathe stagnant air most of the day. Unfortunately, this air could be full of pollutants, meaning your respiratory system is suffering in a big way. If you deal with chronic nasal congestion and coughing but don’t have a cold, check the air. Bad indoor air quality can also result in upper respiratory infections and asthma. If this is you, contact an indoor air quality service in North Georgia. You’ll get an air quality evaluation and helpful solutions.

Physical Effects

In addition to respiratory problems, some people notice itchy, watery eyes and assume the issue is being caused by seasonal allergies. These symptoms, in addition to frequent dizziness, extreme fatigue, and nausea that persists with no medical explanation, might be the fault of poor air quality.

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What Causes Bad Indoor Air Quality?

You’ll be surprised by what contributes to poor indoor air quality. You walk on, sit on, and sleep on carpet, furniture, and mattresses. All can trap dust, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, and other pollutants, which become airborne when you dust or vacuum. Wood stoves and fireplaces are on the guilty list. Even our cleaning and personal care products can harm us when we breathe in the vapors or fumes. And of course, Scruffy, the most loyal dog ever, might be contributing to the air quality with his dander and fur.

You don’t need to get rid of Scruffy. You can still enjoy a fire on a chilly night, and of course you can continue to sleep on your comfy mattress. There are easy ways to improve your air quality so you can breathe a little easier. Contact Gainesville Mechanical today to learn more! Call (770) 532-9130


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