Tips to Consider when Hiring an HVAC Professional


The heating and air conditioning unit is an essential operating system of any commercial building. It’s designed to maintain a comfortable environment for workers, managers, and customers. A malfunctioning unit, on the other hand, can be costly to your business.

There will come a time when you will need the services of an HVAC professional. You may need to have a system installed to function in the store, warehouse, or office building that you manage, or need repairs or servicing done to an existing unit that isn’t performing at peak efficiency. In situations like this, you will want a technician with plenty of expertise in heating and cooling systems.

You want to do your homework while checking out commercial HVAC contractors in Gainesville, for an installation, repair, or servicing job at one of your properties. Here are a few recommendations to help you with your choice.


Contractors who work on commercial HVAC units in North Georgia, may have the expertise and background you are looking for, but if you are going to hire them, they will have to be licensed and insured. A Conditioned Air Contractor license is mandatory for a contractor to install, repair, or service HVAC systems. The contractor should possess a Class II license that allows them to work with any commercial systems and equipment. To obtain a Class II license, the contractor will have worked for at least a year exclusively on commercial HVAC installation and repair work.

You may contact your office of the secretary of the state for proof of a company’s licensing if necessary. An HVAC contractor confident in their work will provide their licensing number.


An HVAC contractor should also carry liability insurance. Most states require HVAC contractors and companies to carry liability insurance in case an employee is responsible for damages. If the work is faulty, you can seek compensation if liability insurance is in place. Hiring a contractor that doesn’t carry liability insurance is risky since you or your business wouldn’t have any recourse if something goes wrong. So, make sure the contractor you hire is insured.


A Good Reputation

It helps in researching contractors that do commercial HVAC systems in North Georgia, to check their references. It is appropriate to request from the contractor references from local clients they’ve done work for. A commercial HVAC service company in North Georgia, confident in its work will provide commercial clients that can give good reviews. Online testimonials posted by past clients are a reliable indicator of a company’s performance.

Knowledge Helps

The best HVAC companies have technicians with training in the latest energy-efficient units and up-to-date heating and cooling technology. This knowledge is something to consider when looking for an HVAC contractor to install or service the unit in your building. It means fewer headaches on your end when it’s time to contact the company for the work. A lack of knowledge by the contractor means it might be in your best interest to move on to the next name on your list.

Know the Basics

As a property manager, you should know the basics when looking for an HVAC contractor to install or service your commercial unit. Check to determine if the contractor is licensed and insured to protect yourself and your company. A quality contractor should be knowledgeable of the latest technologies and should have a solid reputation. The company that meets these requirements is the one that to choose, so do your research of commercial HVAC contractors in North Georgia, carefully and thoroughly.

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