Tips to Prep Your Air Conditioner for Summer

Are you wondering the best way to prepare your air conditioner for summer? With these tips, getting your home’s AC unit ready for summer heat is easier than you think. With the right AC service, your air conditioner will work better and keep your energy costs in check while keeping you cool. Here are the top AC services we recommend:

  • Turn the unit on before the heat arrives to make sure it works and there aren’t any obvious signs of failure
  • Add refrigerant, if necessary, to make sure your AC unit runs cold
  • Replace dirty filters to keep air flowing through the unit
  • Check the compressor for loose fan blades and other damaged compressor parts
  • Look for mold and other signs of moisture buildup
  • Check for leaks that can be caused by clogged pipes, dirty filters, and overheating

At Gainesville Mechanical, we don’t expect you to do all these AC prep tasks yourself. Many require the expertise of professionals who have years of experience in the business. We offer service maintenance contracts and routine service calls to help you keep your air-conditioning unit in good shape, so it always performs at optimal levels. If you had air-conditioning problems last year, they haven’t gone away. Why wait for these problems to pop up on the hottest day of the year?

Get your air conditioner ready to do its job well and breathe easier in your home. Gainesville Mechanical is a leading air-conditioning company servicing the greater Gainesville area. We work on all makes and models, no matter how old your HVAC unit is. Are you thinking of replacing your air conditioner? We can help you find an affordable, efficient replacement. Call us today at 770-532-9130 and stay cool in your home this summer!

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