Trends in Smart Thermostats

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Smart home products are quickly becoming one of the most popular home upgrades available. With more and more products hitting the market, improved efficiency, simpler operation, and greater affordability, many homeowners are integrating these products into their homes. One of the most commonly used smart home devices is the smart thermostat. These devices are incredibly easy to install and operate, and they make your home’s HVAC system much more efficient. But, as with any technology, smart thermostat trends are continually evolving. Keep reading to learn about some of the more recent innovations.



The newer models of smart thermostats are designed to alert you to any anomalies in your HVAC system’s operation. It can send a notification to your phone, letting you know if your heater seems to be working harder than usual or if your air conditioner is switching off when it’s not supposed to. These diagnostic capabilities can alert you to a problem far more quickly than you might notice it on your own so that you can get the issue handled sooner and prevent any additional damage.


Easier Installation

The idea of installing a new thermostat may have once made homeowners nervous. But most smart thermostats are incredibly easy to install and only require you to plug in a few wires. This makes adding a smart thermostat to your home much more realistic, even for individuals who don’t consider themselves to be the “handy” type.


Voice Commands

Many homes now have virtual assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Most smart thermostats today can sync with devices so that you can change your thermostat with only a voice command. This is incredibly convenient, allowing you to change the current temperature setting anywhere that your virtual assistant can here you. No more getting out of bed in the middle of the night to turn down the temperature.

Smart Thermostat on Wall


More Intuitive Displays

As with most technology, improving the user experience is always a priority for smart thermostats. One way that companies are attempting to make smart thermostats more user-friendly is with larger, more intuitive displays. Touchscreen displays that clearly display the various options (e.g., scheduling, current temperature setting, geofencing, etc.) make smart thermostats easier to use and understand, thereby making them accessible to a larger audience.


Energy Efficiency Suggestions

Some smart thermostats can now offer you suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Much like alerts to anomalies, you can receive notifications on your phone with suggestions on how to use your HVAC more effectively. This is a feature that is becoming more important to many homeowners as consumers become more environmentally conscious.


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