Watch Out for Nests in Your AC Unit

Bird Nest

Summer is on its way, and the escalating temperatures are a certain sign that it’s going to be a long, hot summer. Make sure that your home air-conditioning and ventilation systems are ready to endure several months of near-constant use. If you’re concerned with the state of your air conditioner, or it hasn’t undergone a professional evaluation so far this year, call an AC service in Gainesville, GA, for fast, quality service you can rely on.

One of the most important tasks a home AC repair service will conduct is checking your system for signs of pest activity, including wasp nests and other insect nests. Why should this concern you? Read on to learn what’s wrong with having nests in your air conditioner and what you can do to prevent these intrusive structures from interfering with your air-conditioning.

Pest Woes

Northern Georgia has a variety of local pests that are likely to interfere with home air conditioners, including wasps, rats, and termites. In the summer, spring reproductive season is likely over, and most pests will focus on collecting food and bringing it back home to their nests.

And your pest problem is likely to be worse in the summer. That’s because insects, rodents, reptiles, and other critters feel the heat as badly as you do. Nearly all pests will find a way to get out of the summer sun, nesting in shady areas and sheltering in such odd spots as your air conditioner. Anything to beat the heat, right? The fact that your air conditioner is a fast-cooling machine doesn’t hurt either.

Your air conditioner is likely to conceal them from any human interference as well. Most pests will try to nest somewhere discreet where perceived predators like you are unlikely to find them. If you rarely schedule AC unit repair and maintenance visits, your air conditioner is going to keep critters hidden for a long time.

What’s the Harm?

Pests can actually damage your air conditioner. Pests will do a little redecorating as they make room for their nests or even to collect materials to build their nests. That means chewing through wires, damaging condenser fans, eating holes through filters, tearing insulation, and interacting with other objects that help your AC unit operate properly. While all this activity can kill the pests, the damage they do may be severe enough that your air conditioner’s performance may decline.

How to Prevent Pests

There are a few ways to prevent nesting issues in your AC unit. First, keep the area around your air conditioner clean. Weeds and other tall growths can attract mice, spiders, and more pests into your yard. Also, hire AC maintenance to inspect your air conditioner at least once a year. Checking for nests usually involves removing panels to look inside the unit—risky work that should be left to a professional. A maintenance professional can also check for signs of pest-related damage and repair them. This is the best way to ensure your AC unit is always working at its top performance.

If you have consistent pest problems, call a local exterminator. You’ll need pest removal and prevention to ensure any nests AC system repair experts remove don’t just come right back. As for AC maintenance, be sure you only trust reliable, experienced, and trained experts like the team at Gainesville Mechanical. We offer fast and reliable AC repair services in Gainesville, GA. Call us today at 770-532-9130.

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