What Is a Heat Pump?


If you own a home, you’ll probably spend a lot of time working out what systems work best for your home and your situation. One of these systems is your heating, and your heat source can make a big difference for you. Whether you are getting a new system, or you need heating repairs in North Georgia, you should take time to think about how you’re getting your heat. One popular type of heating unit is a heat pump. Gainesville Mechanical, a heating repair contractor in North Georgia, can answer a lot of your questions about it, but before you talk with the professionals, it can help you to get a brief overview of what they are and how they work.

What They Are

A heat pump is a versatile piece of equipment, and it can perform multiple functions based on what you need at the moment. The basic idea is that it is designed to heat a home in cool weather and warm it in cold weather, using the outside air. It usually has two main parts: an outdoor unit to take in the air, and an indoor unit to send the hot air where it’s supposed to go.


How They Work

A heat pump’s job is to move hot air around. When it’s warm outside and you don’t want that heat inside your house, the heat pump moves the heat away from the building. Conversely, if it’s cold outside, you can set your heat pump to bring some heat into the building. Heat energy is always around us to some degree, even in frigid winter weather, and a heat pump taps into that natural supply, making the heating process that much more efficient. When a heating repair company in North Georgia, works with you to get a heat pump up and running, they’re essentially helping you make sure you draw heat as efficiently as possible from the air around you. You should note, though, that this system works best in moderate climates where there’s a little more heat to draw from. You can use it in lower temperatures, but in that case, you may want to use it in conjunction with another heat source.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

Since heat pumps take advantage of naturally occurring heat instead of generating heat from fuel or other means, this is a fairly energy-efficient system, which means lower energy bills for you. Of course, a heat pump, like any other system, needs routine maintenance, so you’ll still work with heating repair contractors in Gainesville, to keep everything running smoothly. As long as you do that, your heat pump should remain in good shape. Since this is a natural system, it’s also better for the environment than those heat sources that burn through fuel. If you want to use an environmentally friendly heat source that helps you save money, call Gainesville Mechanical today at 770-532-9130 to discuss installing a heat pump at your home.

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