What to Expect When You Replace Your Furnace

Heater Unit

Whether you need a roofing service, a plumber, or a heating repair contractor, it’s a good idea to do your research and identify the various companies and contractors in your area ahead of time and decide who you want to do business with. That way, you can have their information and phone numbers handy when you need help. 

Not all heating repair companies are the same, so do your due diligence. Talk to friends, neighbors, colleagues, and relatives. Ask for recommendations. Research the companies you’re interested in. Gathering information up front will help you help you set your expectations and have confidence that those expectations will be met.

Once you’ve selected a qualified, reputable heating repair company, you can call them when you wake up one morning to find your house icy cold and know you need to have your heating unit repaired or replaced.

Repairing Furnace

Replacement Needed

The heating repair contractor you’ve chosen to work with can help guide you in choosing the right heating system for your home. They’ll develop a design that ensures maximum comfort and efficient operations of your system, and they can help you identify the best unit in your price range.

Installing a new heating system is a significant task. When you’re ready to schedule your installation, here are a few questions you may want to ask beforehand.

Questions to Ask

  • Do I need a permit for the work you’re doing? If permits are required, make sure the contractor handles that task. If not, find out exactly what is needed and when it’s needed for your installation date.
  • What time will you be here? The time it takes to remove an old system and install a new one can vary based on a number of factors such as the size and layout of your home.
  • Do I need to protect my carpets? The workers will be carrying boxes, equipment, and tools in and out. Many contractors will bring a vinyl runner, drop cloths, or shoe covers, but not all do that as a matter or practice, so it’s a good idea to ask.
  • Will the installation be noisy? There will be times when the crew may need to use power tools, hammers, or saws during your installation.
  • Will someone inspect the installation? For a residential installation, you want to make sure that everything is properly installed and works as expected.

Knowing what to expect when you’re replacing your furnace and having a new one installed will help you plan ahead. This helps you plan out enough time to be home while the installers are there, especially if the job will take all day.

If you have a furnace to repair, a new one to install, or just have some questions, when you need a heating repair contractor in Gainesville, GA, call Gainesville Mechanical at 770-532-9130.

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