What’s In a Name?

There is no shortage of billboards or coupons out there advertising highly discounted service calls or maintenance contracts, should you choose them for your needs. That’s fantastic because we all love to save money! However, there’s a balance that has to be met in order for that coupon to actually hold value.

When you bought your cell phone from your wireless carrier, for example, did you simply pick the most inexpensive one? Granted, you’ll save you big bucks on your purchase initially. I’ve never shopped for my phone that way, but I’ve seen the consequences of doing so second-hand.

Initially, they’re very happy with their savings. However, as time sets in they start to realize that there was a reason this device was so inexpensive! They start experiencing poor performance, phone call quality, and other anomalies. Often times, they end up spending a considerable amount more to repair their phone. Not surprisingly, the people I knew to buy their phones like this, do not make that mistake twice!

Inexpensive repair work can come at the cost of quality!

Air conditioning and plumbing services work the same way: you get what you pay for. Let’s say Average Joe Heating and Air has a coupon for a $49.95 tune-up. When an Average Joe Technician comes to your home to perform that tune-up, we’re willing to bet that they aren’t actually doing all the things that a preventative maintenance requires. If they were, they’d be losing a substantial amount of money to clean your system. Yet, I’ve seen many marketing messages offering prices of this tier. Hmmmm.

When Average Joe Plumbing installs a new water heater, they may not guarantee his work. But Average Joe Plumbing doesn’t tell you that. You often find out the hard way when two days later you notice that the water heater is leaking at the connections, and you call them up and ask them to come out. To your dismay, Average Joe either never shows up or they expect you to pay for them to come back out there and fix their own mistakes.

So let’s go back to our phone example. Let’s say you’re a bargain hunter and you notice that the new iPhone 7 has a special promotion on it. Now, it may still be more expensive than the flimsy discount phones you could have got, but you understand that this highly rated iPhone is substantially more stable than the other inexpensive phones. Which one should you go for?

Yes, many people choose the new iPhone, because they are familiar with that brand. They know that they are reliable and that their products are backed by warranties and specialized support. People argue that Apple, the maker of the iPhone, simply charges more than the other guys because they have a name that’s recognized.

Well, kind of. Apple charges more because they offer technology that consistently functions. When something does go wrong, Apple has support services and walk-in centers that can help get your phone back to its optimal condition. They also back their work, and if they can see that it’s their fault your device isn’t working, they’ll make it right by getting you a replacement device with the same or better specs.

HVAC and Plumbing are no different. Before you decide which company you want to perform your services, learn a little bit more about the company and what they offer.

At Gainesville Mechanical, for example, we offer 24/7 service at no additional costs. Our company prides itself on having a fully staffed office which offers full support to our customers, a regularly maintained fleet of trucks that are stocked with the typical parts that our customers need, and above all, we make sure that our services are superior.

Our HVAC technicians maintain prestigious industry-leading NATE certification. Both our plumbers and HVAC technicians also take courses throughout the year to make sure they stay up to date with the latest procedures and technology.

With these things in mind, we stand behind our work. If something goes awry, we will make sure we make it right. There is a reason we have 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews! As you read through our customer’s feedback you’ll note, among other things, that if an issue was found with our service we fixed it on our dime!

Which type of company would you prefer to hire for your services? Average Joe who offers rock-bottom prices at the sacrifice of quality, or a more premium company that spends time taking care of you…a company that is willing to do Whatever it takes?

Be sure to check our homepage to view our current coupons! We are always looking to go the extra mile to help you save!

GMSI Service Tech

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