Why Do I Have Black Specks in My Water?

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Finding black specks in your water is alarming. It’s certainly a sign that something isn’t right, but what exactly is going on? When black spots appear in residential or commercial plumbing in Gainesville, GA, it’s important to figure out what’s going on as soon as possible and restore your property’s clean water supply. In this post, you’ll learn more about what causes black specks and what you need to do to fix the problem.

Pipe Corrosion

How old are the pipes in your home or building? As pipes age, they corrode. During the corrosion process, small pieces of pipe can end up in your property’s water. Most people notice black specks when they buy a property that’s had the water shut off for some time. However, black specks in small amounts can show up at any time when a pipe corrodes.

Corroded Water Heater

Do the black specks in your water only appear when you use the hot water? If so, the problem might be with your water heater. It’s not unusual for water heaters to rust as they age or from sediment build up. When black specks only show up after using hot water, consult with a plumbing repair service to have your property’s water heater inspected.

Broken Faucet Parts

Are the specks in your water tiny and look like rubber? In a situation like this, it’s probably something as simple as a washer, gasket, or another rubber part that has broken off from the fixture. It’s not unusual for this to happen because rubber parts wear out over time from regular use.

Tips for Getting Rid of Black Specks in Your Water

The good news is that this kind of water discoloration can be managed. The plumbing service you need to fix the problem depends on what’s causing the issue in the first place.

  • Water heater repair or replacement: If the plumber determines the problem is with your water heater, they’ll pinpoint exactly what’s causing the issue. Sediment buildup can be flushed, but a corroded water heater needs replacement.
  • Pipe repair or replacement: When black specks show up in your water because of piping issues, plumbers often recommend replacing the affected pipe. However, if you have an older property, the recommendation may be for the whole house to be repiped. This will ensure the problem gets taken care of once and for all. It also prevents burst pipes or slow water leaks.
  • Faucet repair or replacement: Water discoloration caused by broken faucet parts is easily fixed by replacing or repairing the faucet. This is an easy DIY repair that most property owners can do themselves.

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Don’t Put Off Calling for Plumbing Services

Any time your home or commercial building has water discoloration issues, you want to have the problem looked at right away. Professional plumbing services in Gainesville have the expertise and tools to figure out what’s happening and get clean water flowing through your taps in no time at all.

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