Why Get a Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenances are by no means a new thing. In fact, we engage in preventative maintenance activities on a regular basis whether we think about it or not. Most notably we use this service on our automobiles. Why are they so prevalent in the automobile industry?

At the end of the day, automobile users have come to acknowledge that repairs are costly and while a preventative maintenance doesn’t make it impossible for something to go wrong with their car, they understand that it helps them to limit the possibility of something going wrong. These owners also note that an automobile has a ton of moving parts that take a beating to provide us with reliable transportation every day. With all those car-145933_1280moving parts, there’s a higher chance of running into issues caused by wear and tear than most other things we use on a daily basis. Not many people debate if there is need to keep your car properly maintenanced.

However, it seems like there is always a significant debate about the need to maintenance a heating and air system. Now I’ve never really followed why it’s so debateable, because all of the reasons that apply to a car apply to your heating and air system:

  • There are a lot of moving parts that take a beating (in fact, we use the A/C here in Georgia more than we use our cars by far!)
  • If the system isn’t maintenanced there is a much higher risk of damaging it, and believe me – the cost of maintenance is much more cost effective than repairing a water damage after a drain line overflows.
  • Both a car and an A/C system perform better with a Maintenance.

That being said, not all maintenances are equal. Let’s take a step back and consider what you need from the Maintenance

Why Do It?

Your Heating and Air System Takes a Beating

A good maintenance will involve checking all the major system components. In this process a technician should check to make sure fan motors are lubricated, make sure that electrical connections are tight and there are no indicators to a failing part, that refrigerant pressures are correct, that the condensate lines are clean and draining properly, and also that any gas burners on gas heating systems are oprating both safely and at the correct pressure.

Bigger Risk of Damaging Your System or You

In the previous subheading, we talked about what the tech checks. Suppose he notes that the motor needs to be lubricated or that the Gas valve is cracked?

While we always hope to not encounter these types of issues, early detection can result in paying only a fraction of the cost that you would of had to pay if you let the system encounter a fatal area. In some cases, like the case of a cracked gas valve, a maintenance could resolve potential faults that jeopardize your very safety.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, PVC drain lines can get stopped up. If your system doesn’t have a functioning safety switch a line overflow could lead to water damages on your home (like watermarks on your ceiling), mold problems, or corroding your equipment if left unresolved. When a technician comes out inspects the line, chemically treats the drain line, and verifies that the line is not clogged at all, it helps to provide peace of mind to homeowners.

Helps your system perform better

Has your electricity bill began to creep up slowly? It may be that over time your system’s coils have become clogged. This can cause a few different things to happen. On the mild side, it could cause higher energy bills computer-1583432_1920because it causes the system to stay on longer to achieve temperature. In the more extreme cases, clogged coils can cause the system to either overheat or freeze. Both of which leads to costly service calls that could of been avoided.

There’s also that pesky filter. Believer it or not, that little thing can bring down your whole system if it’s not changed at the correct intervals. At least once a week, I’d say, we get a call where a unit freezes over due to the system not being able to draw enough air through a clogged filter. Oh, and a word to the wise – It will not be a good idea to simply remove the filter and leave the system operating with no filter. But, that’s a story for another day.

Your Options

The way I see it, you’ve got three options:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Get the lowest bidder to do it
  3. Get a reputable servicer to check it

Let me say that I love to fix things around the house by myself, and I certainly wouldn’t blame you if you decided to do the maintenance by yourself. But I encourage you to, once again, think of this like your car. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s probably not a good idea to flush your brake fluid and transmission – even if you have the materials to do it.

However, I urge you not to go pick up the cheapest bidder. A proper maintenance needs to include at least two visits and check the components listed a bove. Here’s some sample question to ask Average Joe A/C Company that may leave Joe unable to answer:

  • Do you come out at least twice a year?
  • Do you chemically clean the coils as part of the maintenance? (As opposed to spraying them with water – if they even do that)
  • Do you Chemically treat the drain lines? (As opposed to “flushing” it with water or visually checking it only)

Now when you get the answers to those questions, it might makes sense why Average Joe A/C Company only charges you $49.95 to come out.

Getting a reputable company, like Gainesville Mechanical, is probably the course most homeowners should take. We also sweeten the deal a bit by discounting repair work if that should ever be the case (15% off to be exact) and we also include priority service should anything go wrong.

Finally, we remain flexible by using a “pay as you go method.” Our maintenances start at $179 yearly, but we can split that between your two visits and you simply pay as little as $89.50 per visit!

Frankly, we want you to be as comfortable as possible and we put the work in to stand out in the northeast georgia area as the premier customer. Don’t take our word for it, though. Search us on Google and read the Google Reviews our past customers have left us. Our customers are met with the guarantee that we do whatever it takes!

GMSI Service Tech

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