Why Is Your AC Making a Crackling Noise?

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Your home’s air conditioning system can make many sounds that come from different sources. Not every noise you hear means you need HVAC repair service. In fact, some are quite harmless, such as an object being stuck in the air ducts rattling around when the air blows through. Having a bit of knowledge about the sounds you hear can clue you into what to expect when you call a technician to service your HVAC in Gainesville.



Believe it or not, your home’s AC unit is vulnerable to debris buildup, inside and outside. If you have damaged floor registers, it doesn’t take much effort for toys and other items to fall into the ductwork and start making sound. The outside unit is susceptible to items like plastic bags and leaves that get caught up in the wind and wrapped around the compressor’s fan. If you have something in the outside unit causing noise, turn its power off and remove that housing panel from the unit. All you need is the appropriate screwdriver to remove the fan’s housing. Remove any debris you find and see if this makes the noise go away.



When the air conditioning is working well, the ducts move the cold air throughout the home. Your home’s ductwork might be constructed from straight metal, or flexible variations. As ductwork ages it deteriorates, and the ductwork might vibrate while the AC unit’s working. If your home is older, it’s likely this is the problem. However, newer homes can have problems, too. In fact, newly constructed homes experience AC noises when the ductwork wasn’t attached properly and causes it to vibrate in attics, basements, and crawlspaces.

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Has your investigation into the noise led you to the main unit? If so, what do you smell? If the crackling is accompanied by a burning smell, it’s possible that two hot wires are touching in the air conditioner. This is a situation that requires emergency HVAC repair. Ignoring this problem could cause an electrical fire. Luckily this is rare, since the hot wires that supply to the unit are insulated. The insulation is protected against naked wires touching each other and causing electrical fires. Anytime you hear cracking sounds coming from inside the unit, turn off the electricity immediately, and don’t resume using the air conditioner until an HVAC specialist looks at it.



If the cooling part of the unit ices over, crackling sounds might result as temperature changes occur. Call a service technician to figure out what’s going on.

Want to keep air conditioning noises from driving you crazy and keeping you up at night? The good news is that the best solution is just a phone call away. Call the technicians at Gainesville Mechanical to schedule regular maintenance service to keep HVAC repairs to a minimum. You can reach our licensed HVAC specialists at (770) 532-9130 24 hours a day!

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