Why Plumbing Inspection Is Necessary When Buying a New Home

Inspector with clipboard in front of water heater

Buying a new home represents one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. Becoming a property owner is liberating, and it represents one of the biggest single investments the average person makes in a lifetime. However, because of that, many people proceed with caution when purchasing real estate, as there are some pitfalls that should be avoided to maximize your initial investment and protect you from expensive surprises that could arise.

One step that wise prospective homeowners take before signing a contract is to get a thorough inspection by a license plumber to make sure the home is equipped with the best plumbing in Gainesville, GA. After all, plumbing problems come with a high level of inconvenience and hefty price tag, so it’s good to know what you’re getting into when you buy a new home.

An inspection by a local plumbing company can help you discover any existing issues that may be present in the home you plan to buy. A qualified plumber can also assess the system to help you forecast any future plumbing expenditures that could arise. This can help you make important decisions about the value of the home, your willingness to accept any potential risks, and the details of your purchase offer. Keep reading below to learn more about the importance of getting a plumbing inspection before buying a new home.

Identifies Trouble Spots

When it comes to your plumbing, few repairs are inexpensive and convenient to undertake. After all, your plumbing resides in the walls and foundation of your home, and accessing those water and sewer lines can be messy when problems arise. A thorough assessment of your prospective new home’s plumbing can help identify things like leaks and broken sewer lines that could result in the need for immediate repair before you make an offer on the home. Also, appliances such as the water heater can be inspected to make sure they meet code and are in good condition. If everything is in good working order, you can feel confident making an offer on the home without any trepidation.

Saves You Money

Imagine purchasing a beautiful new home only to find that there is a substantial leak that must be repaired immediately to prevent damage to other parts of the structure. What if you flush the toilet for the first time in your new home only to watch sewage bubble back up into your bathtub because of a chronically clogged drain line? If either scenario arises after the purchase, the repair bills for those costly problems could fall directly to you. Those nightmares can easily be headed off with a plumbing inspection from a qualified plumber who can check your system for problems and alert you to them before you begin the purchase process.

Ensures Safety

When you buy a new home, you really don’t have any idea what may be involved in the plumbing system. For example, if the plumbing is old, it could contain dangerous substances such as lead, or it may simply be outdated and require whole house remediation to bring it up to code. Therefore, a plumbing inspection can not only protect you from excessive remediation costs, but it can also protect your health and the quality of your tap water.

If you have your eye on a new home, make sure to get a comprehensive inspection by one of the professional plumbing services in Gainesville, GA, before making an offer. By doing so, you can protect your health and your bank account. To learn more reasons you should get a plumbing inspection before buying a new home, contact Gainesville Mechanical at (770) 532-9130.

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