Winter Freeze Alert

Winter weather is no laughing matter. By the end of this week we will see temperatures drop off into the 20’s! With such aggressively low temperatures, Gainesville Mechanical would like to offer the following tips on how to prevent your plumbing lines from freezing and bursting.

  1. Cover Outside Spickets

Spickets or outdoor water spouts are susceptible to freezing and could become the underlying cause to a busted water pipe. To remedy this, buy a hose bib cover from your local hardware store and install it. Watch our video here:


  1. Dripping faucet

Dripping the faucet can not only help with preventing the pipe from freezing but also assist with reducing the likelihood that the pipe will burst if it does freeze, because it reduces the line pressure.

  1. Wrapping Pipes

There is probably no better way to help prevent your pipes from being frozen then to get them wrapped. This is something that is advisable for any piping exposed to the outdoor environment. Homeowners with crawl spaces should check to see if the pipes in this area need to be insulated. Unless you have experience wrapping pipes, it would also be advisable to contact us to insulate these pipes.

What to do and not to do if pipes freeze

  1. DO either give your lines time to thaw out on their own or give us a call, so that we can help you speed up the process. By having a plumber come out and speed up the thawing process, the chances of a line busting are also reduced.
  2. DO NOT apply an open flame to any pipes in an effort to thaw them out. This can cause severe injury to you and your loved ones.

Gainesville Mechanical wants to help protect you and your home from incurring any costly pipe ruptures. If you have any questions or need our assistance, please call us at 770-532-9130. Even if its 3AM go ahead and give us a call – we don’t mind!


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